A Tradition of Enduring Quality

Our Story

The son of an artist and house painter, Ralph Lauren was inspired at a very young age to think creatively about color. "I've always been inspired by dynamic color," he says, "color that can live beyond trend."

One of the first fashion designers to create a home collection, Ralph Lauren debuted his first paint collection in 1996 as a way to bring his legendary style to walls: "I just took design to the next level, creating fashionable colors for the home." Today Ralph Lauren is known throughout the world for a meticulous attention to quality. He has taken a personal, celebrated connection to color and created a world of exceptional paint.
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“I've always been inspired by dynamic color...color that can live beyond trend.”Ralph Lauren

A Tradition of Enduring Quality

Using the finest materials and some of the most innovative technologies in the industry, Ralph Lauren Paint is engineered to perform best in class from the can to the wall.
  • Exceptional vibrancy
  • Superior color accuracy and retention
  • Ease of application
  • Smooth, even finish
  • Impeccable coverage
  • Maintains a freshly painted appearance
  • Excellent durability and resistance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA
Stateroom RedRL2217

Iconic Color

Drawing on over four decades of iconic design, each timeless shade of Ralph Lauren Paint is one of a kind, meticulously crafted to capture the designer's most legendary aspirations. Our exclusive tints must be mixed with the Ralph Lauren Paint base to achieve the extraordinary brilliance known throughout the world of Ralph Lauren.
Stadium RedRL2131
Anchor BlueRL1966
Stateroom RedRL2217
Archer GreenRL1732
Roaring PinkRL2097
Brilliant WhiteRL1001
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